V1.16 – 29th Feb 2024

License link update.

V1.15 – 28th Feb 2024

Additions to prevented window class list.
Display license information in the GUI.
Fixed exit crash on opening the application when already running.

V1.14 – 22nd Feb 2024

No show GUI on startup fix.

V1.13 – 21st Feb 2024

DPI awareness fix for scaled monitors.
Fixed bug whereby filters would sometimes be incorrectly positioned on startup.
More accurate detection of dark filtered program visibility state.
More detailed information presented regarding licensing.
Fixed application crash on close due to named pipe issue.
Website hyperlink and version number in the GUI.
Optional update notification in the GUI.
More robust hiding / showing of dark filter windows.

V1.12 – 15th Dec 2023

Further improvements to general timer settings.

V1.11 – 25th Nov 2023

Improvements to general timer settings.

V1.10 – 23rd Oct 2023

First Public Release.